Being Chairman, Director, CEO or CFO of a company, we know that you, as a decision-maker, are often alone in the decision process, and that you assume the full and entire responsibility of your decisions and the way these are implemented.
Even with a participative management, the end-responsibility is often yours!

By experience, we also know you appreciate the value of a truly independent "sounding board" that has shared the same responsibilities and that speaks the same language.

At the same time, a company can rarely afford high profile and experienced talents on a permanent basis in matters like M&A, capital or funding matters.

To best serve you, Navagne Management offers:

  • this temporary sounding board for strategic and financial matters and a truly independent advise
  • the structuring capabilities for M&A, equity, debt or similar transactions...
  • the operational support in the execution of transaction

Eventually, Navagne relies on a solid network of professionals and independent companies it can team up with, to deliver state of the art solutions to you.