Navagne aims to deliver pragmatic advices and to support affordable solutions fitting clients needs.

In order to achieve this goal, both for investment advisory services or for strategic & financial management, each cooperation follows the systematic process:


1. Defining precisely the mission statement. This key preliminary steps include :

  • assessing the needs and means of the client;
  • analysing the external elements that could influence the mission and  the external support that might be required for a successful cooperation.


2. Solutions are then prepared with the client to achieve its goal(s):

  • In accordance with the mission statement and
  • In cooperation with all identified external resources that are needed.


3. The transactions are executed by the client with Navagne’s operational support, as the case may be :

  • Determining the right capital structure;
  • Capital raising : from seed money up to IPO
  • Capital relief;
  • Financial restructuring;
  • Funding; …

As required, internal reorganisation is proposed and implemented.


4. At the end of the mission:

  • A debriefing is performed with the client to assess the degree of success, to understand the satisfaction level and to identify any possible room of improvement;
  • Navagne delivers all necessary documentation related to the mission and the transactions to secure a smooth transfer of expertise and knowledge.